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Nancy Derosa  is a resident of Westchester County, NY. She graduated from SUNY Purchase, NY with a Bachelor of Arts. Nancy is an actress and a published writer of a children's book; "Lazy Robert" which had been featured in Teacher's Media Magazine and women's fiction; "There's No Place Like Home, A Penny's Worth, and Food for Thought; The Series." Food for Thought; First Course and Second Course is available wherever books are sold. The third installment of this food-centric series; "Just Desserts" will be out later this year. Nancy is busy working on the fourth book of the series; "After Dinner Drinks."

Among some of the films Nancy has been involved with; she had worked with Chip Hourihan in a supporting role, (director of Frozen River) on his short film "Twist." The short film; "In Parallel," in which Nancy had a supporting role had been accepted and premiered at the Short Film Festival in Canne, 2016. Her feature film; "Home by Now," which she had a supporting role, is now available on Amazon.      

Currently, Nancy is rehearsing for the play; "Roundelay," which she has a supporting role. Roundelay will premiere at the White Plains Performing Arts Center, NY February 25th, 2017.

Nancy had been a member of Actor's Project NY and has appeared on the Food Network's; "Food Detective's." Her Food-centric Series, Food for Thought is currently filming segments for a cooking and lifestyle show loosely based on her women's fiction; "Food for Thought, The Series; Everyday Meals for Everyday Families." This show is produced by Starbaby Enterprises. It will debut on Foodytv, and Footprint Network. 

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Nancy's Books

Food For Thought 1st Course


Emma Cravens four single friends join her at the table in their quest to find love, self-respect, and, above all, great food. Emma and Murrys Grill chef Gary Parker have much in common. He loves to cook, she loves to eat a match made in heaven. Or so Emma thinks at the onset until trouble arrives. Garys former girlfriend comes back on the scene, reed thin and confident, and wanting him back. Garys rejection shakes Emmas belief in herself, making her question what she has to offer in a relationship. Determined not to become a bitter and disillusioned harpy like her boss's wife, Emma decides to get over Gary and move on with her life. But that's easier said than done, especially since every new man she meets and every bite of food she eats reminds her how much she misses the handsome, charismatic chef.


Food For Thought 2nd Course


Emma Craven's excitement over marrying a chef is dimmed when her fianca, Gary Parker, decides to open up a new restaurant. Against her better judgement, Emma soon finds herself the manager of The Green Spruce Grill. Her grades for her teaching-degree courses plummet. Her wedding plans are fraught with complications. And she now finds herself trying to please her family, friends, and Gary all the while putting her own desires on the back burner. Making matters worse, Gary's family shuns her, no matter what she does to try and win them over. Her dreams are slowly fading away, and she feels powerless to stop it. Desperate to halt the avalanche her life has become, she struggles to stand up for what she really wants. But her journey of self-discovery is more like an obstacle course and if she can't find the courage to stay true to herself, Emma risks losing not only the man she loves, but her self-respect and everything important to her as well.


Food For Thought : Just Deserts


In Desserts we find Emma Craven’s life has become more complicated and difficult to navigate. She’s student teaching and working at her husband Gary Parker’s restaurant, The Green Spruce Grill. An unexpected pregnancy has Emma’s head whirling, and she can’t keep up with all the responsibilities she now has in her life. She begins to resent Gary, as his life won’t change, while Emma fears she will have to shelve teaching for the time being because she’s about to become a mother. Her relationship with Gary’s family begins to unravel even further and, for the first time, Emma takes some responsibility for the problems and misunderstandings she has with others. She dislikes her mother’s new boyfriend Hal and when she catches him out with another woman, she’s torn about whether or not to tell her mother, afraid to break her already fragile heart…



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